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About our Community Services

Our community services are run by a group of volunteers under guidance of a board member of SeniorCare Geraldine. They coordinate delivery of these services to the wider Geraldine community including:

  • Delivery of meals on wheels from the Waihi Lodge kitchen
  • Organising a weekly gentle exercise class for seniors
  • Organising a weekly morning tea for seniors
  • Organising seasonal outings to lovely gardens in the area
  • Keeping an eye on elderly people of Geraldine with visits and phone calls.

Life Tubes

SeniorCare Geraldine also provide life tubes to elderly members of the community. A life tube is a small plastic cylinder containing a completed medical and information sheet which is kept in the household refrigerator. The Red Sticker provided should be placed on the outside of the refrigerator. In the event of an emergency Police, Ambulance, Fire Services or Doctor are called and are alerted by the Red Sticker to the fact that vital information is available inside the refrigerator. They could be a 'life saver' and are available free from Age Concern.

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